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Venturi vacuum pumps are named after the Venturi effect. For the Venturi effect to occur, a gas or liquid must pass through an aspirator, also known as a tube. The cross-sectional area of this tube first narrows and then expands. As a result, the fluid’s pressure drops as the tube gets smaller. The fluid accelerates to maintain the continuity of its bulk. The Venturi effect thereby produces a vacuum at the tube’s narrowest point. Venturi vacuum pumps use this scientific method, which employs high-pressure air to generate a powerful vacuum. Read More…

Venturi Vacuum Pumps Venturi vacuum pumps derive their name from a phenomenon known as the Venturi effect. For the Venturi effect to happen, a liquid or a gas must flow through a tube known as an aspirator.
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Airtech is a leading manufacturer/supplier of various types of quality dry piston vacuum pressure pumps, rotary vane pumps (lubricated, dry), liquid ring vacuum pumps. We possess vast knowledge as a vacuum specialist. Serving medical, dental, food packaging and other industries. US warehousing.

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Croll Reynolds Company is an engineering firm specializing in the research, design, and manufacture of process vacuum systems and air pollution control equipment. Specifically, we design Vacuum Systems, Combination Liquid Ring/Ejector Systems, Thermocompressors, and Vacuum Chillers. Croll Reynolds also designs Jet Venturi Scrubbers, High Energy Venturi Scrubbers, Nox Scrubbers and Packed Towers.

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When it comes to vacuum pumps we are your premier source! With years of innovation we are dedicated to provide our customers with products that will withstand the tests of time and provide a long lasting value. We strive to offer our customers cost effective solutions to all of their problems! To learn more about what we may be able to do for you; visit us on the web today or get in touch via...

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Manufacturing and remanufacturing industrial rotary piston pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps, Trillium accommodates your needs. Our years of experience within the vacuum industry is available to you if you have process related pump questions or are looking to upgrade an existing system. Our large inventory of pumps enables us to offer fast, cost effective solutions to line down situations.

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A Venturi vacuum pump produces suction using a tiny, disk-shaped nozzle. The pressure difference between ambient pressure and pressure in the nozzle creates a vacuum. This vacuum draws air through the nozzle and into the pump. Lowering the air pressure in the immediate area keeps debris out of the pump.

Venturi Vacuum Pump

Compressed Air Venturi Pumps

The vacuum produced by a compressed air venturi system is produced using compressed air. A diffuser, a nozzle, and a compressor make up the system. The compressor pumps air into the nozzle, creating a high-velocity air jet. After hitting the diffuser, this air jet slows down and forms a low-pressure zone. The low-pressure area draws ambient air into the nozzle, and the resulting airflow produces the vacuum. The main benefit of adopting a compressed air venturi system over other pumps is it doesn’t require an electrical supply.

Venturi Vacuum Pumps

How Venturi Vacuum Pumps Work

The body of the venturi pump has an inlet, an outlet, and a nozzle in the middle. The flow of fluid is restricted by the nozzle, increasing its velocity while decreasing its pressure. Due to the vacuum produced by the pressure drop, fluid is drawn into the nozzle and then forced out on the other side.

Application of Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Venturi pumps are used in woodworking applications to make vacuum clamps to hold flat stock in place during routing or sawing. Venturi pumps are used for vacuum filtration when interacting with hazardous substances in laboratory work. Manufacturers may use Venturi pumps as hoists while assembling products because Venturi pumps can raise objects using suction cups. Venturi vacuum pumps are inexpensive to buy and run, and experts in many industries use them whenever possible.

Venturi Vacuum Pump Design

Venturi vacuum pumps offer a powerful and effective way to create a vacuum. They function by forcing air out of the pump through a small outlet port after forcing air into the pump through an inlet port. As a result, a fast-moving air jet is produced, sucking in the surrounding air and lowering the pressure inside the pump chamber. When a strong vacuum is necessary, such as when holding things in place during machining or sealing against air pressure, venturi pumps are frequently utilized. Manufacturers can also use them to transfer gases or liquids between containers.

Venturi Principle

Advantages of Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Although they need a compressed air source to operate, venturi vacuum pumps don't require electricity. As a result, these tiny, lightweight pumps can function for years without requiring maintenance or repairs. Additionally, since no heat is produced, they can continuously operate without overheating. The majority of Venturi vacuum pumps are built of aluminum. However, if they are designed for corrosive environments, they may be made of other metals, like stainless steel.

Choosing the Right Venturi Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing venturi vacuum pumps from a venturi vacuum pump manufacturer, it is important to compare at least 4 companies using our list of venturi vacuum pump manufacturers. Each venturi vacuum pump manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each venturi vacuum pump company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple venturi vacuum pump companies with the same quote.

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